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It is my vision to inspire others to recognize the power of their natural capacity for healing mind, body, and spirit and to provide tools and resources to complement a comprehensive healing plan of action.  



 For many years I have witnessed individuals both close to me personally and within my counseling practice suffer emotional health issues and serious chronic health situations that have significantly limited their capacity to engage in the quality of life they desire and so very much deserve. I am passionate about offering support to individuals pursuing a path of self-directed wellness to find solutions and achieve enhanced well-being from a self-empowered and holistic approach. 



I recognize how thoughts impact health and the function of the brain and body. Through the integration of tools that access thoughts, feelings, neuropathways, and blocked energy, I offer support to individuals as they move toward gaining insight into, working through, and shifting the contributing factors affecting physical, emotional, and/or mental health challenges that are keeping them in a pattern limiting their opportunity for optimal wellness.  

Services Offered



Would you like to gain insight into and work through what is keeping you from achieving the quality of life and relationships you desire?

Counselling involves the skilled and principled use of a therapeutic relationship to facilitate self- knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth, and the optimal development of personal resources. The overall aim of the counselling process is to provide an opportunity to work towards living more satisfyingly and resourcefully. The counsellor respects the client’s values, personal resources, and capacity for self-determination. 

 Self-Compassion Coaching

Are you seeking greater happiness, life satisfaction, motivation, and overall well-being? Are you wanting to enhance your resilience needed to cope with stressful life events?

Self-compassion provides us with an attitude and practice in which we become mindful of the struggles or suffering we experience and are able to respond to ourselves with kindness, support, and compassion. This practice leads to decreased angst and enhanced resiliency, coping, and engagement in our relationship with self and others. Self-compassion provides us with the capacity to cope with the challenges of life. 

 NeurOptimalⓇ Neurofeedback  

Would you like to have enhanced mood, clarity, athletic or artistic performance through strengthened brain/body communication, productivity, mental acuity, or overall wellness and mental fitness?

The brain’s capacity for optimal functioning can be interrupted by physical, emotional, and/or mental health stressors that might disrupt or compromise the nervous system, as characterized by: problems with memory; difficulty sleeping; headaches; irritability; difficulty focusing or paying attention; and/or feeling anxious, sad, low, overwhelmed, or stressed.  While Neurofeedback is not a medical treatment for illnesses, it can offer an individual an experience of relief from physical, mental, and emotional symptoms within a non-intrusive and pleasant treatment modality that offers the brain an opportunity to self-correct and operate with enhanced capacity toward the brain’s natural potential. Neurofeedback reads the electrical activity of the brain and is mathematically designed to communicate with the central nervous system to reorganize itself from recurring patterns that are keeping an individual stuck.

Classical & Advanced Hypnosis 


Would you like to change some negative programs you have running that have kept you limited in some way? 

A Hypnotherapist guides an individual through a process that allows them to use their natural ability to change the way they think, feel, or behave. Hypnotherapy allows for an individual to review significant events and emotional root causes contributing to the distressing belief, feeling, or behaviour they would like to change and encourages a shift toward an enhanced sense of well-being. 


Would you like to gain insight into and create a shift in the impact of self-limiting beliefs and distressing events on your health and well-being?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a non-traditional type of psychotherapy which uses rhythmic/rapid eye movements to process and shift emotional charge held by an individual which is related to past events and contributing to current patterns of distressing thoughts, feelings, and actions. The goal of EMDR sessions is to neutralize the emotional charge and shift negative thoughts and beliefs, moving an individual toward new insights and well-being associated with the personal presenting issues and challenges the individual would like to change.  

Access Bars® Session 

Have you wondered how to be more aware and present in all areas of your life? 

Access Consciousness provides a tool to facilitate more consciousness, awareness, and presence in all areas of your life. Working with 32 points on the head correlated with various areas and aspects of life, Access BarsⓇ releases limiting thoughts and stresses within the energy of the mind and body.


Inner Sage Series

Do you ever wonder why you say or do certain things that seem to be self-sabotaging, self-limiting, or detrimental to relationships? Does your inner voice ever criticize your thoughts, feelings, and actions? 

You are not alone in this experience. From a young age onward, concepts about self are integrated and stored, creating a dialogue within that constantly runs in the background informing us of negative stories about ourselves we truly believe, at times limiting our capacity for confidence and overall well-being in various areas of life. You can rewrite those old limiting programs and give your inner voice a more positive perspective. A practice of mind-body relaxation incorporating positive self-talk programs coupled with a practice of self-compassion can provide a place to begin the process of enhancing positive self-talk, personal resiliency, capacity for coping, and overall well-being.   


Sheri Wyndham, BA, MSW, RSW


 I am committed to walking my talk, and as I embrace my ongoing lifestyle of holistic living integrating the very things I offer within my practice, it would be a pleasure and privilege to support you as you explore pathways on your journey toward enhanced self-wellness. 

Integrated Holistic Support for Mind, Body & Spirit


 I work from a holistic client-centred approach supporting individuals on their journey to a place where healing is possible. I hold a Master’s of Social Work Degree complemented by additional specialized training and have over 30 years experience working in community organizations, mental health programs, and clinical counselling services. I work from a client-centred lens supporting individuals in finding meaning, alternative outcomes, and solutions to the challenges they face in relation to their personal story and experiences.  

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